Planning drivers’ routes using 118 data


Whether you’re looking to route plan for efficiency reasons or creating a map that helps couriers and emergency services get to a location quickly, the 118 data has a USP that outperforms all other databases – it’s comprised of trading addresses! It’s updated constantly by a UK Contact Centre of 70 people. 

Imagine you’re a fire service attending a call at the Red Lion in Rochester. Except it’s no longer the Red Lion; it’s the White Hart – the caller knows it by its former name. Or your parcel delivery instructions are ‘Flat 3 (above the newsagents)’… but it changed last week to become a dry cleaner. In both those cases, 118 data would have you covered. We can include previous names and give you weekly (or even daily) updates 
as standard so you’re not caught out.

In more frequent cases, companies come to us as they want to get more return on investment for their existing driver routes but also to plan where new routes should be added to maximise the companies success. Projects start with a company giving us all postcodes of an existing route and we can confirm back how many live and trading businesses are within a 5/10 mile radius of each postcode. In addition, we can take the current customer list and provide a look-a-like persona that we can overlay on our data and show where profitable new routes will aid the companies growth plans.