Taking the hard work out of accessing our data, we have several APIs for you. Each has its function and can be altered to retrieve different data fields if needed.


There are three main APIs:
  • A ‘Directory’ API allows your users to search by name, industry type and location, from which the most suitable listings are returned. Shelled by your website, this looks and performs just like a standard search tool, giving results in milliseconds. It negates the need to host our 1.7 million listings and means we can offer you access at a fraction of the cost.
  • With a ‘Risk’ API like the above, customers can run KYC (know your customer) or risk checks. You can search on any data variable and return a complete data record about the business, including their registered and trading names and addresses, directors and decision-makers, and helpful information such as trading age, employee numbers, turnover and industry/ies.
  • A ‘CRM’ API allows you to pull through complete data records and insert them into your CRM, marketing platform or data lake. It’s a ‘consuming’ API, so you set the frequency of updates. An example is below: