You might not be looking to be the next BT Phonebook or Thomson Local, but you might want to start a local directory, a members-only platform, or a community website that lists local shops and Trades.

Before you start thinking about how to make money from this or build the business, you need content. Without a ‘full’ directory, your users will stop trying to find what they are looking for. Worse, an empty site can count against you with Google and the other search engines.


118 Group specialises in compiling and cleaning directory listings – so much so it’s part of our name, as 118500 and others were our founding customers. We ring every listing at least once a year to ensure they’re still trading and to check what they do. If 5 High Street has changed from a café to a sewing shop, you and your users will be the first to know.

Often, the hardest part is finding the complete listings to fill your website.
    • You can’t scrape existing directories; it’s unlawful – and they DO pursue legal action.
    • Once you have a complete set of listings, keeping them updated is a full-time job.

Each listing comes with a trading name and address, a phone number so your users get the best experience, and a granular directory-style classification. From Abattoirs to Zoos, and 2400 labels in between, we have them classified.