If you or a client want to open a new store or plan for infrastructure or utility installation, you must know what is already in the area.


Retail Planning

It’s not enough to know what other ‘chains’ there are locally; many towns and villages have thriving independent shops that will compete for wallet spending with your new shop. Our USP in the market is that we don’t just collect national brands; we seek out these SMBs and understand precisely what they do – a bakery that is also a sandwich shop offers insight you won’t find elsewhere.

Infrastructure Planning

Knowing the number of employees of local businesses, plus what they do, is essential to calculating new roads, car parks, or bus routes. Councils have used our data to repurpose brownfield sites and apply for extra funding for increased services.

Utility Planning

An increasing use of our data is for utilities to understand what businesses are in the area and how they sit alongside residential locations.

A national broadband provider used our data to plan their fibre network roll-out in all significant towns not currently served. By using the data we hold on industry type, premise type and size, they could understand which large or high-usage businesses could be likely ‘opening points’ that would cover the costs of the expansion and open up higher broadband speeds to surrounding streets.