The 118 Group UK Analytical Universe is made up of 4.5 million UK businesses and approximately 63 million rows of data!

  • 4.5+m

    Business Records

  • 500+

    Fields of Data


We work with a number of clients who have requested to either compare their current universe to the full UK B2B universe or to receive an analytical file of the UK B2B universe in order to input into strategic planning meetings. Know where to lay more fibre, add a new shop, or fully understand the available market.

All of the above is now possible with our Analytical Universe – covering all UK businesses, not just those that have been added to the 118 directory. Using UK publicly available data sources, combining, deduping and adding some additional data flags to make it easier to consume and importantly, more accurate. The great thing about our dataset is that once you’ve finished your planning, you’ll have a direct link on unique ID to our marketable dataset so you can come back to us for the data required to reach out to that specific target market. No need to match again, just give us the unique IDs that you need and we’ll get the data straight over!

With over 500 fields of data available there isn’t a segmentation field that you need that isn’t already there – but if you happen to stumble across one then let us know and we’ll see if we can add it for you. Even if we have to use our Contact Centre to collect the new data element.

Click here to download an anonymised sample of 10 records showing all fields that could be available to you.

Sample Stats for June 2021 – June 2022


Postal address changed

Employee numbers changed

Ceased Trading

Telephone Number Changed

Senior Contact changed