At 118 we understand more than most how important it is for businesses to have a clear, accurate and up-to-date view of the UK B2B universe. We all know that businesses are changing more rapidly than ever before and whilst there are now more sources to choose from, data accuracy has deteriorated.

With over 50 years of trading within the data industry and with a UK based Contact Centre, we are in a great place to offer you just that.
Our UK team collects opening and closure activity data alongside crucial data points such as granular industry type, location and firmographic information. This data added together with additional sources provides the most accurate, real-time view of structural change across the whole UK B2B market.

Market Leading


Route Planning

If you’re looking to create a route plan for efficiency purposes then our UK data can help.

Full UK Analytical Universe

We can provide you with a full view of the UK B2B universe for analytical purposes containing approx. 4.5 million rows of data.


All POI and Mapping software needs data – our POI data is used by different companies across Europe.

Bizi Platform

If you need access to the marketable UK B2B universe then we can give you access to our flagship online count tool, Bizi. Join over 1,000 other users with fast access to our live dataset.

Territory Planning

If you are planning a service provision by location, looking at opening a new premise & want to understand who is around you, producing competitor analytics or territory planning for sales, 118 Group has everything you need.


118 Group can help you know your customer and your prospects.



Exceptional data quality & marketing services

We provide and manage the industry’s most accurate B2B contact information, including phone numbers and emails. Our exceptional data quality and marketing services are a result of our 50 years of experience, 70-seat UK-based Contact Centre, and the utilisation of cutting-edge technology.

  • 4.5m

    UK B2B Universe

  • 1.7m

    UK B2B Marketable Universe

  • 100k

    Record Updates

  • 750k+

    Decision Maker Emails

  • 50+

    Years Trading

  • 20+

    Years Email Marketing Experience