The 118 Group dataset comprises all the actively trading businesses in the UK and is widely recognised as the most up-to-date and accurate telephone researched database. Whether they are accountants, website designers, restaurants, or multi-national head offices, we’ve spoken to them directly, confirmed their contact details, and explained the purposes for holding their information.


Now you can access the current live database, plus the last six years of changes, all in one database; we have 63 million rows for you to analyse and use for fraud detection, risk analysis and identity checking.

  • Are the businesses what they say they are?
  • What links are there to other businesses?
  • Who runs this business, and how are they linked to other companies?
  • How has the business changed over the last few years?

A national UK bank’s SMB division put our data into their risk-checking software. It meant they could cross-check what a business told the bank they did versus what they told us. This enabled them to identify loan applications from business types they don’t loan to – tobacco sellers, for example, who might tell the bank they are grocers but neglect to say they are also a newsagent that sells cigarettes.

Our data is also used within risk products and by most of the credit industry as a layer of information – particularly for unincorporated businesses – around the sector, employees, and turnovers.