POI Data


Points of interest, tourist information, and local services are surprisingly volatile. Whilst a museum will rarely change, a seaside café will often re-name. Train stations tend to stay the same, but leisure centres and shops often close down and re-open as something slightly different.

And whilst you can indeed access some POI data via public-source websites, they often don’t have the telephone number or geo-coding attached.


118 Group’s POI data is used by planning companies looking to understand the retail competition in a town, satnav and map builders, software developers serving the emergency services and freight industries, and websites that want to help consumers find local leisure services or shops. 

What’s Included?

  • 1.7 million trading address details of UK businesses, of all sizes and types
  • 4.5 million UK business addresses
  • Lat/Lon and Easting/Northing on each record
  • Granular description on all (think ‘butterfly farm’ or ‘art gallery’, or ‘golf course’)
  • Public buildings such as Hospitals and Schools, plus privately-owned POIs such as Restaurants and Shops
  • Firmographic information such as employee sizes, site types, and turnover
  • Regular updates to keep the data fresh

Use Case Studies

German Car Manufacturer

Our POI data is built into the satnav of a high-end German car. If you’re driving along and need to find the nearest petrol station, hospital or supermarket, then the chances are it’s a 118 POI that will be displayed. This particular car driver can call ahead because we can provide phone numbers with most of our POIs.