Bringing together multiple sources of UK B2B data and adding to our own UK B2B directory gives us unique insight into the full UK B2B universe. We can offer to our client’s access to a full analytical view that can be used for many things, such as:

📌 Points of Interest – database with essential information for businesses delivering location-based services, as well as users in central government, local authorities, emergency services and the commercial sector
📊 Quantify risk – faster in times of high volatility with daily refreshes
⚙️ Automate onboarding – to reduce errors and improve compliance
🖲️ Dynamically track – customers and automate internal processes
🔎 Identify opportunities – by linking your internal data with ours
🐏 Be Different – leave the flock and develop your own insights
Enhance Governance – reduce the risk of data contamination
⏩ Accelerate Development – cycles and get products to market faster
👩‍💻 Reduce Friction – let data scientists and engineers focus on products
✅ De-Risk Sourcing – by using up-to-date, verified data
🥇 Accelerate – speed to market with real-time access to data and decisioning

On top of that, we are the top supplier of GDPR and PECR compliant B2B data in the UK. We maintain our market-leading position thanks to our meticulous gathering and upkeep of business and individual contact information.

Collecting & Cleaning

Using our 70-seat Contact Centre in Sutton Coldfield (which you are welcome to visit), we collect, validate and clean our UK B2B directory data. Add that to the UK B2B data collated from multiple sources, including public data sources,  we clean it, dedupe it, add additional flags and you’ve got the entire UK B2B universe ready to use!

With the reassurance that our inhouse Compliance Officer has undertaken everything necessary to ensure our compliance with all relevant legislation.

Data is cleaned on a 9-month cycle… Except when it isn’t.

Ideally, we would clean each record daily, but that is impossible. So, instead, we use a system that combines a schedule that targets each business at roughly nine months with more sophisticated interventions. Imagine you are a Jaguar Dealership in Mayfair, and you have been in the same family for decades, with Mr Smith as the MD for the last nine years. The chances are we only need to call the business every nine months as not much will change. However, some businesses are more volatile by nature or change by circumstance.

Proactive Modelling

We would like to say we use ‘AI’ as it’s the current buzzword, but it’s pattern recognition! We have 11 years of understanding which business types need contacting more often; if a business recently started, for example, or if it employs <3 people, or even where it is located (city centres and science parks are notorious for change). There’s no need to tell you how volatile Hospitality is, but other industries also change more frequently –moving, shutting & re-opening with different details or changing size. Our models bring calls forward, so we’re touching these records more frequently.


Our vast network of directory and search engine clients, plus data users large and small, all contribute to the ‘reaction’ triggers that pull a call forward.

Returned mailshots, hard-bouncing emails, and phone numbers that won’t connect form some of these triggers our clients contribute to. We also take financial reports and negative red flags, plus change of address or ‘ready to move’ notifications and use these to highlight businesses in decline, or just moving, so we can catch this as soon as possible. Having a UK Contact Centre also means we can ask the neighbours next door – a surprisingly good way to double-check if a business isn’t there anymore or just not answering the phone that day.


Overnight, all of the data we called that day is updated, and models and algorithms are re-run. Compliance answers are filed, and T&Cs are sent, creating a paper trail of conversations with each business on the database. Clients using an API can now pull through their daily update, and those with more traditional supplies are sent changes, delete flags and exclude requests.

Volumes & Coverage

With over 4.5 million records now available, here are a few snapshots to demonstrate the coverage:

Product Sheets & Downloads

See our downloadable guides for more information on the products/services below:

POI Dataset

used alongside the 118 Database to create a larger dataset.


Fastest Growing Businesses

companies showing disproportionate employee and/or turnover growth.


Brand New Businesses

a weekly file of startups, new owners etc.



access to produce data counts based on 130 selection criteria and fully customizable outputs.



Businesses on the Move

a file of companies planning to move.




GDPR & Compliance

an overview to demonstrate how seriously we take our responsibilities. More information available on request if required.