Marketing Data

118 Group’s database consists of over 1.6 million records, from multiple data sources, all checked and processed according to GDPR rules. A section of this can be used for Marketing – whether that’s cold calling, mailshots or email marketing.

Granular Classifications

Over 1.6 million records sit within the Marketing Use database. All have the trading name (the “name above the door”), trading address and telephone number – usually a landline. All have a granular yellow-pages style classification, with 55% having a secondary classification and 25% having a tertiary classification – this means you can select very precise lists:

For Example
  • A Builder who also does Landscaping and Bricklaying
  • An Italian Restaurant that is also a Take-Away
  • An Engineering company that also offers Architectural Services

The Importance Of Granular Data

The important part to this granular industry classification is that the business tells US what they want to be listed as, we don’t make it up for them, so it’s as accurate as it can be in terms of what they do. We use over 90,000 keywords behind the scenes to get 2400 accurate descriptors attached to the right records.

You can then add in site-level and national-level employees (the former is asked as part of the cleaning call), number of sites, turnover and site type such as HQ or Solo Office. Their website address and date established completes the firmographics, or ‘picture’ of what the business looks like.

Finally, we ask who the “most senior person on site including yourself” is, to collect the most useful names and email addresses.

All Marketing data is passed through the appropriate compliance checks such as TPS and CTPS, and we make sure you’re covered for PECR compliance by only supplying “Corporate Subscribers” email addresses.

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